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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now at 5:00 >> tonight, what we are learning about the victim in one agency's first deadly officer involved shooting in heres. >> >> a night of fun that ends with injury after the deck at an east bay home suddenly collapses. what we are learning about the moments before this happens. >> >> domestic violence protesters taking their movement to the
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skies. the growing movement to force the nfl commissioner out of the league. a suspect is killed by a police officer in richmond in the city's first deadly officer involved shooting since 2007. good evening, i'm eric rasmussen in for ken wayne >> and i'm heather holmes. >> police say the officer was aggressive and drunk when he was shot. but, some are wondering if the officer acted too quickly. we get the latest from patty lee. we just received a statement from richmond police patty? >> reporter: there were a dozen members of the victim's family here, grandparents, cousins who say they dispute the police version of what happened. they were here to leave candles and flowers, but did not want to talk to us on camera. friends wept when they learned
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24-year-old richard perez, also known as petey, was killed early this morning. richmond police tell us perez was sicily intoxicated an uncooperative when an officer on foot patrol approached him. the officer asked perez to sit down on the sidewalk, first, he complied, but then according to the city's police chief, he got belligerent. >> the suspect attacked the officer and physically grabbed his gun. the fight went on for almost a minute and the officer was able to stand up and the suspect came after here, the officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect. >> i'm hoping that the same thing that went on with ferguson and all of the states that is going on with the police, i'm hoping we are not having the same situation here. >> reporter: richmond police say transparentsy is key. two hours ago, the chief of police put out a post on
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facebook, explaining what happened to the public. but some of perez' family is disputing the police version. they are asked for closed circuit video that shows what happened. but we are told the video is in evidence and will not be shared by the da. >> >> highway patrol investigating a crash on the peninsula that killed an 11-year-old little girl t happened just before 1:00 this morning, southbound interstate 280. the chp said the driver of the suburban lost control an then veered off the freeway and down the embankment. investigators say the right rear area of the suburban where the girl was seated hit a tree, killing her. drivers and other passengers were taken to the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. chp does not believe that drugs and alcohol played a role in this crash. >> injuries suffered when a
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deck collapsed 15 feet. it happened yesterday at a home in oakland, kristina randone joins us in the newsroom. kristina? >> reporter: there are still women in the hospital, who had to undergo surgery for broken bones. >> it was real traumatic. >> reporter: this redwooden deck, twisted and broken, a visible remainder of the scary fall that landed warren johnson and eight others in the hospital. >> we weren't out there. it just came down. >> reporter: johnson said family and friends were gathered on the deck of the oakland home just before they were set to watch a boxing match last night. seconds later, it collapsed. pinning them and others underneath it was scary when we found out what was going on. a lot of people were yelling and screaming, especially the girls, they were hisster cal. >> reporter: three women in the hospital with broken bones to
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their pelvis, legs and ankle. the high number of injured classified as a mass casualty incident. >> that got us additional resources almost immediately. >> reporter: shepherd said it's unclear why the deck failed. >> we don't know until the inspectors came out. it might come u it might be termites. it mighting a deck constructed incorrectly, we don't know. >> i'm guessing normal wear and tear on the house and just having so many people up there, i guess it just gave. >> reporter: despite bruised ribs, johnson is counting his blessings. >> i didn't get it as bad as some of the others. >> >> reporter: and says is he grateful no one died from taking the 15-foot fall. >> >> inspectors will likely be at the house tomorrow trying to determine what caused the unfortunate accident. live in our newsroom, kristina
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randone, ktvu newsroom. >> >> battling several fires in northern california prompting evacuation. high temperatures and tender dry conditions are making it very difficult to get a handle on these fires. one is in medicino county, two in the sierra foot hills. i will show you video of a fire that started yesterday. 2,000-acres are burned, crews have it only 10% contained. a california spokesman said the area has only a few homes. good news, it's mostly burning in forest. >> a fire in colfax, 150-acres, several homes here evacuated shortly after this fire started, but the evacuations were lifted last night, firefighters have this fire about 30% contained. now, we want to go to mendicino county. a fire in redwood. authorities have evacuated two dozen homes threatened by the fire. so far, five structures and 150-
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acres have already burned. this fire you are looking at right here started yesterday afternoon. right now, it's only 30% contained. continuing coverage on how the weather is playing a role in fighting all of these files from ktvu meteorologist mark tomeo. >> over the past few months, with every fraction wu, we have been saying with the serious drought, fire danger a big concerns as we move through july, august, mid-september and approaching october, fire danger ramps up to the critical indiction treatment level. you can see the happy camp complex up to our north, over 100 thousand acres and you can see the fire being developed in the sierra this weekend. heat has been a big concern. here's a look at the current temperatures. temperatures mostly in the 80s, except the one out towards the north and east -- in the upper the 0s, right now, still very
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hot for that part of the region. as you can see, right around 98, 998. a bit of a breeze out of the west, southwest, winds have increased throughouted day in i u bay area. breezy conditions in the forecast tomorrow, cooling conditions as well, more on that coming up in a few minutes. slight chance of a few showers showing up on the long range weather maps. a lot more on that coming up. >> >> thanks, mark, you can follow mark and the rest of the weather team online for the latest on the fire danger. they are posting updates on facebook and twitter. >> >> new developments on the beheading of a british aid worker by sunny extremists, today, he was called a british hero and said isis has to be destroyed. there are reports that several arab countries have said they
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will carry out strikes against the forces. >> the british prime minister publicly committed to supporting american action in iraq and syria. >> we cannot ignore this threat to our security. >> the international community expresses out rage at the latest execution of a hostage by the terror group isis. >> we must drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy isl and what it stands for. >> reporter: david hanes is the third westerner known to be executed by the extremist. the video warned the overages k against an alliance with the united states the masked militant threatens another hostage -- allen henning. >> we will make sure that we build coalition that is durable. that is sustainable and has focused on the fundamental goal effort which is to degrade and
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ultimately destroy isl. >> >> reporter: for the present, the plan won't include american ground troops, secretary of state john kerry told cbs's "face the nation." that strategy has some saying the plan doesn't go far enough. republican senator lindsay graham told "fox news" -- >> this is a turning point in the war on terror. our strategy will fail once again. >> reporter: this is not something we can do on our own, we have to work with the rest of the world. >> mary maloney ktvu channel "2 news." a california man is facing six years of labor in northern korea. the government there is accusing him of entering illegally to commit espionage. the court said miller tor up his tourist visa when he entered the country on april 10th, saying he intended to experience prison life so he
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could investigate the human rights situation. >> >> very unusual campaign for an uncomfortable subject. coming up at 5:30, the eye catching song that. >> >> the show must go on, a san francisco tradition honors one of its favorite sons >> we are sad, but he would always want us to make it funny. >> >> touching tribute to robin williams. >> >> fire claims the life of a woman in the north bay. why firefighters said they had trouble getting into the house.
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an elderly woman was killed after her house caught fire in santa rosa. on 11th street, in a two story victorian. firefighters said they had a difficult time fighting the blaze because the doors and
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windows on both floors were blocked by storage items. the fire has been called accidental, although an exact cause has not been determined. >> >> police say a passerby saw a victim lying on the street on bancroft near 82nd avenue in east oakland. it appears the man had been there for a few hours before he was found. so far, police don't have a motive and no arrests have been made. >> >> thousands gathered for some laughs and a dedication to robin williams. at the 34th annual comedy day in in san francisco's golden gate park. this year's come day day started with a touching tribute to the man organizers say it was a big supporter and a frequent performer at the event. >> under overcast skies, people set up beach chairs for what has become a san francisco tradition. along with laughs, came
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remembrances. >> we lost our giant, we really lost a person who has meant everything to us. we looked up to robin. >> we are sad, but he would always want us to bring the funny. >> reporter: like many people, his suicide shocked even friends and colleagues >> you know a person, see what he is doing, all of the good he has done and for him to be sad enough and down enough to take his own life, it was kind of a sobering reminder of the human condition. >> reporter: organizationer debby derst spoke of her friend -- >> san francisco lost a favorite son an the world lost one of the best human beings of all time. >> reporter: today, she paid tribute to williams who performed at the very first comedy kay 34 years ago. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. robin williams. >> comedian who you may recognize as father guido
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sarducci said when word got out that he would be at the festival, it was electric. >> we are thankful for the joy he brought all of us. we will miss him forever. >> since 1981, more than 700 of the world's funniest performers have played comedy day giving the gift of laughter to a half million people. >> san jose, the place where cesar chavez began his political work was dedicated as a state landmark. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> today, a plaque was unveiled at mcdonald hall. the hall is a wooden church building where chavez worked in the 1950s and 60s to plan voter registration drive and it's where he first began to organize farm workers. >> it gives a lot of encouragement to the people, now, they know what they can do. they work at it.
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they don't need outside help. we can do it here. >> the building was named for jess witt priest father mcdonald. he was a mentor of chavez. it continues to be a place for community leaders, today. >> i was at the flea market in san francisco. it was beautiful. let's go to mark to find out about your workweek forecast. >> the cooling trend we have been talking about around for the aarea. that will all change as we head into your monday forecast. on the satellite, clearing skies across the bay area. a patch or two of fog. north bay coastline. a few high clouds drifting toward the sierra, a closer look at the satellite. a lot of sunshine out there, with that, a breeze, winds around 10-20-miles an hour, we'll show you the wins coming up. as far as the current numbers, still hot toward livermore and
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fair field, but a little cooler compared to yesterday at this time. temperatures down three to four degrees. san jose, 80s to report toward santa rosa. as far as the wind speeds, fairfield winds out of the southwest checking in 15-miles an hour, oakland which u winds out of the west and toward sf o, typical spot it with winds out of the west, 21-miles an hour. a bit of a breeze out there right now, continuing into the evening hours. for today, tonight, we do have partly cloudy skies, we'll show you coming up our live camera looking toward the bay bridge. clear skies here and for tomorrow, the cooling trend continues and in the extended, we bring in more clouds an the slight chance of a few showers, unusual weather pattern developing this time of the year, we'll be tracking that. as far as overnight lows, low clouds and fog near the coast and right around the bay, temperatures in the 50s to the lower 60s to start out your monday morning.
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this area of high pressure has been warming up parts of the state, including parts of the bay area for the past few days, gradually weakening, cooler forecast for monday, winds pick up 10-20-miles an hour, all of the clouds in the pacific, it will be approaching our coastline. this will be the source of more cooling and the slight chance of a few showers, time frame will be late tuesday and into wednesday morning. highest chance will be to the north of the bay area, but some of the forecast models generating a few showers here early thursday morning. here we are into wednesday afternoon, you see the complex approaching the region and late wednesday night into thursday morning, a little bit of activity, light shower activity, the chance into thursday morning and the clouds do clear out, setting the stage for a warming trend for next week, especially friday, saturday into sunday. >> >> no major heat in the forecast, not much in the way of 90s, warmest locations in
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the 90s, a lot of 70s in santa rosa, richmond, oakland lower 70s, livermore in the upper 808s, san jose in the upper 80s. freemont, 76 degrees. san francisco, low clouds and fog in the morning clearing nearly the shore line, temperature in san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast, temperatures cooling off into tuesday, wednesday, picking up clouds, a slight chance of a shower into early thursday morning, probably a few clouds. we'll gradually warm things up by friday. coming up, we'll update a major hurricane spinning off the baja coastline and it could generate showers across the state. that forecast coming up in a little bit. >> >> 19th annual chocolate festival this weekend. two day event. plenty of ways to satisfy the urge for chocolate, but it is one of the top fund-raisers,
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attracting more than 40,000 people that came out to taste the chocolate i pair it with wine and watch it being made. for some, competing in an ice cream eating contest. last year raised $90,000 for project open hand. >> >> grabbing people's attention about a serious men's health issue -- >> break the stigma and don't have the superman complex >> at 5:30, how one man's cross country journey is inspiring people here in the bay area. >> >> controversy over an actress detained by police. why she said officers singled her out. >> it might be the most impressive thing made by a 3d printer. the surprisingly short time it took to print this car and how drivable it real is.
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police from new jersey and new york have joined a manhunt in pennsylvania after a state trooper as ambushed and shot dead friday night. this happened at the state police barracks 35-miles east of scranton. corporal dixon was pronounced dead on the scene. trooper douglas was critically injured. officers are looking for clues. >> i have never seen so many state troopers at one time in here, ever. >> concerned about their breaking into a house. we have a lot of vacant house says back here, which they
5:25 pm
could go in to hide. >> a nonprofit group has offered a $50,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest. police have little do to go on. they don't know if the troop ires were targeted. >> african-american actress that starred in "django" was stopped and handcuffed after she was spotted kissing her white husband. these are photos posted by her husband. in a facebook, lucas said he believed the officers thought watts was a prostitute and he was a john. lucas said on facebook when watts refused to show her id, they threw her roughly into a police car. >> >> senator sanders said he is thinking of running for president.
5:26 pm
the independent from vermont is debating whether he will run as a -- as an independent or a democrat. >> how do you set up a 50 state infrastructure? >> you could end up doing it that way. >> sanders serving his second six year term sanders could pose a challenge to former secretary of state hillary clinton who is also visiting iowa this weekend. political analysts say her appearance is a good indicator that she has aspirations for 2016. former secretary of state has not said whether or not she is officially running. >> how about this? a small auto manufacturing key in arizona is showing off a big breakthrough in the pd printing of a drivable car.
5:27 pm
local motors introduced it at the international manufacturing show in chicago. two seater electric car was 3d printed in 45 hours in front of a live audience in the show. it can go up to 1450-miles per hour. local motors hopes to make the car for sale to the public in the coming months. >> >> continuing coverage on the controversy in the nfl. >> you can hear mind me, we are minutes away from the first regular season game at levi stadium, excitement may beover shadowed by what is happening off the field, we'll explain in a live report. >> >> a desperate effort to find a high school volleyball coach missing in northern california. cell phone related clues that might help police narrow their search. you can download the ktvuapp to
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>> reporter: right now, all of the eyes are on the field here at the levi stadium. earlier, a banner was supposed to fly over the stadium, canceled at the last-minute because of mechanical issues. the group is calling for roger gudall to resign, saying he is not taking the issue of domestic violence seriously. >> i feel super excited, first game of the season. can't be any more excited. >> reporter: excitement on the field may be outshined with what is going on off the field. two planes flying over the field -- >> i'm not sure i agree with that to come back and say he should have known more or done more n hind sight, i bet that's
5:32 pm
the case for a lot of us. >> reporter: ultra violet, national women's advocacy group calling for commissioner roger gudall to step down. 49ers are letting due process take its course. >> should mcdone be playing in? my opinion, no he shouldn't. >> reporter: this comes as the nfl has been criticized for the handling of the ray rice case. >> a number of us in the house jew dish air yes committee sent a letter to the nfl commissioner. >> we want to know also what posture of the league is about this problem. >> reporter: niners fans hope this won't take away the team's
5:33 pm
quest for a 6th somebody championship yeah, it's a distraction, i think they can set that aside. it's one player. this is a team sport. >> reporter: tomorrow, the banner is supposed to fly over the colts/eagles game for monday night football to gain even more attention. >> >> more details, now, lieutenant government newsome and his wife released a statement today about 49ers player ray mcdonald saying in part the 49ers continued insistence on playing ray mcdonald during his ongoing criminal investigation is a painful affront to every victim of domestic violence. we strongly urge the 49er organization to do the right thing and bench ray mcdonald pending the outcome of the
5:34 pm
felony investigation carolina panthers defensive end greg harvey was convicted of domestic violence this summer, the team announced hardy would not play against the detroit lions. is he now on the inactive list, but the team did not say why. the decision came after baltimore ravens released ray rice and the nfl suspended him indefinitely for the video that showed him punching out his now wife back in february. >> >> minnesota vikings fans show their support for adrian peterson. he did not play today. he was deactivated after prosecutors in texas said he beat his four-year-old son with a switch. the vikings will decide tomorrow whether the team will take further action against peterson. >> >> what do you think about this? , can join the conversation on our facebook page. >>
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>> sacramento family helping for help in the disappearance of a 52-year-old last week. her husband, friends, and sons have been putting up flyers in their search for the christian brothers high school teacher. her husband said she was dropped off at home, made a call to a friend and sent a text to her brother-in-law before she vanished. he said she wouldn't disappear on her own and was looking forward to her son's visit from college. >> we have been passing out posters, talking to neighbors. looking at video from the local businesses that are in walking distance. unfortunately, it's not shedding any light on where she is. cell phone records show activity near the california/or gone border >> a cancer survivor launched an unusual campaign.
5:36 pm
debra villalone caught up with him as he rolls across the country. >> i open up the conversation. >> reporter: he has gone 400- miles an has 4,000 more to go. >> i just had cancer and it spread to my lymph nodes. >> he is having a ball so far with idea he got after treatment with a testicular cancer. >> he was diagnosed with it in his 20s, he had surgery. >> fastest growing cancer now in the u.s the thing is, it's 99% survival rate if caught early. >> his giant inflatable ball, nicknamedy is meant to be provocative, advice, curiosity and comment.
5:37 pm
it's also inspired survives and sur porters to sign it as he moves along his journey. >> we wish you the best. god bless. >> reporter: he started out sodas ago in santa monica with a final destination of new york. he did this already across canada, his followers on social media are asked to be becausey and donate to his cause, but is he making this trek on almost no money. >> hopefully, from here, somebody else will pick up like i did and help him further along with his journey. >> his own son testicular cancer at 17. >> he was one of the lucky ones just like thomas. he was very lucky. >> intentionally has not planned far ahead. he is taking obstacles as they come, much like cancer in his
5:38 pm
life, he says. most satisfying, his encounters with teen-age boys who he hopes will get over their squeamishness because it can save their lives. >> i am saying, be more proactive, break the stigma. don't have the superman contest. >> reporter: i is hoping people are as open about this type of cancer as women are about breast cancer. in burlinggame, debra villalone channel "2 news." most common symptoms, a lump which may or may not be painful. an achy feeling in the back or in the belly. the lost of a tessty cal to cancer does not cause sterility
5:39 pm
or impotence. >> >> hundreds of swimmers testing their skills. >> good work, guys. >> the challenge that brought them out to san francisco bay. >> >> just how cold was it? taking a live look at the bay bridge in san francisco where right now, it's 66 degrees. it has been a warm weekend, but will the trend continue for the workweek? channel 2 meteorologist mark tomeo has answers, coming up.
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most of the areas cooled off compared to yesterday, a
5:43 pm
few high clouds toward the sierra, fog clearing out as well. right now, mostly clear skies and a bit of a breeze, winds 10- 20-miles an hour. our live camera beautiful looking out toward the bay bridge. tonight, clear and breezy. it will be cooler monday and more clouds expected wednesday and thursday as a weak system approaches northern california. current numbers out there, santa rosa, 82 degrees. concorde, 87 and san jose, last check in the upper 70s, 79 degrees. forecast time line, starting out the day near 60 degrees in san jose, on track to reach the 70s, instead of 80s like we had, we are seeing upper 70s for tomorrow. here's the forecast model track. increasing fog late tonight and early tomorrow morning. primarily coast side. partly cloudy tomorrow morning and we'll have more sunshine in
5:44 pm
the afternoon hours, temperature range from the low 60s for the beaches, warmest locations inland, 90 degrees, red here, pushed out to the east of the region. warmest locations will be in the up upper 80s, cooling trend will continue as the area of high pressure which has been owning our forecast scoots out of town. see the weather system out here in the pacific, area of low pressure, trough, the source of more cooling and possibly a few light showers late tuesday and into early wednesday morning, so, a lot to keep an eye on, the potential change out there. it looks like the best chance will be up to the northern portionings of the state, but still something we'll be watching for that time frame. >> an update on a major hurricane. category three. here's the location, cabo san lucas. here is the forecast track for monday, tuesday, wednesday. it generates showers across parts of california, whenever
5:45 pm
you get a hurricane this time of the year and the weather pattern developing out here in the pacific, there is a chance the moisture could get drawn into the bay area. not in the forecast, yet, but something we will be watching for wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures for tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny skies a bit of a breeze, santa rosa, upper 70s, mid-to upper 80s gillroy, 88, here is a look ahead toward san francisco, 67 and pacificka, 63 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, picking up the clouds throughout the day on once. there is the slight chance of a shower into thursday, primarily in the north bay. that will be an interesting event if it happens this time of the year, we warm up the numbers, from friday to the week. it looks like a week from now, that will be the hottest day of the upcoming weekend. a cool day, a few extra clouds and warm everything up.
5:46 pm
we get to everything. cool weather pattern, shower chances. >> >> it's great to be in the city, too, >> perfect weather. >> thanks, mark. >> >> on top of that, a beautiful morning for the alcatraz invitational swim. >> good work, guys. >> got to be pretty brave to do that. hundreds of swimmers crossed the finish line at the 19th annual event. the course stretches more than a mile. at the hyde street pierce, swimmers tell us they couldn't have asked for a better day to swim >> i think i expected it to be a bit foggier and colder. once you are out there in the middle, are you not as crowded as i thought it would be. >> besides -- these waters are running five degrees warmer than normal this month, which makes a big difference for the swimmers. >> beautiful out there. >> >> giants looked to bounce back
5:47 pm
from last night's huge, huge loss against the dodgers. >> raiders? they look for their first win of the year as they host the texans, sports wrap is up, next. texans --
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5:49 pm
hi, everybody, this is your sunday sports wrap. you have probably dealt with traffic problems on 880. i'm guessing you were never a an nfl coach stuck on 880. he needed a police escort to get there. it turns out he might have been better off turning around. >> >> ryan fitzpatrick finding jj
5:50 pm
watts, defensive superstar defensive catch to make it -- 37-0. 14-0 houston. second quarter, bad to worst, derrick carter, intercepted by kareem jackson and kareem has some work to do, down the side lines, got a convoy, 65-yards. darren mcfaden shuts him out. 17-0 -- still at the first half, carr, james jones. he puts it on, picks it up and you are thinking "now, we have something." but would you believe it? he fumbles again. 17-0 texans at the break. third quarter, carr, to michael rivera. jonathan joseph recovers, all the way to the 21 ñyard-line.
5:51 pm
four turnovers by the silver and black. not what the coach was looking for. that results in that. 12-yard says to hopkins. >> >> seahawks. phillip rivers, antonio gates with one hand, thank you very much. his third touchdown catch of the afternoon. chargers hang on and beat ut defending world champions, 30- 21. >> >> how about arizona and the giants in carson palmer didn't play. they didn't need him. 14-13, giants in the fourth. remember him, 49er fans? breaks a tackle and you know this guy can flat out fly when he gets into the open field, 71- yards, giants actually out gained the cardinals by 80- yards, 25-14 arizona. cardinals 2-0, giants 0-2.
5:52 pm
>> >> so, l who needs a football team when your baseball team scores? as bat as yesterday was for the giants, it was only one game. a win today would keep him nipping at the heels. lights out after he get as hit, comes back and strikes out. adrian gonzales and matt -- eight strikeouts on the day. second inning, juan, former giant finds a home. ramirez got a run on hunter -- good idea in bad idea? it turns out to be a fine idea. dodgers get another run on the board u posey trying to brill the giants back lear against kerrshaw, one of the best hitters in the game, rbi single, but buster got greedy, thrown out of second, still, 2- 1, l until the 6th and that
5:53 pm
just happened. two-run shot, his 20th. dodgers win 4-2. kerrshaw with 19 wins. he struck out nine over eight innings. >> >> a lot of a's fans have been critical of the trade with the team not hitting in august and september t day, they were pretty happy to have john lester wearing green and gold. there is lester, who was dynamite today. carl seeger, no shot. morales, seven strikeouts, six innings, gave up four hits. in brandon moss, heading home after 39 games. solo homerun, 24th of the year, it's 2-0 in the 8th. the little guy again that will
5:54 pm
play coco-- oakland wins, two in a row for the a's, they are game and a half up on kansas city in the wild card. >> plenty more on the way, a repeat winner on the pga tour. usa, a golden performance in spain, we will have highlights.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
world cup, trotters being played by the usa, a gold medal, pretty much a foregone conclusion, but it's fun to watch. u.s. and serbia -- second quarter. demar does cousins. fourth quarter, andre from
5:57 pm
derosen. 129- 92. testify currie has 29 points. >> >> pga tour championship. billy on five for bird, >> mcelroy on six. par 3, tee shot and -- tied are jim fewer for furyk, 1.4 million attending. 1.4 million last week as well. >> quakes taking on the galaxy. chris, he is better than average. and you can't let him shoot from there. from u from just to the right side of the six yard box. assist to jordan stewart,
5:58 pm
ending in a 1-1 tie. >> niners and bears in progress as we speak. first official home game at levi state u stadium. a full recap tonight at 10:00. >> that is your sports wrap. >> >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. different kind of crush today, strange circumstance that lead up to this load of grapes spilling light there on 101. >> >> thank you for making ktvu your source for news we are always here on ktvu. com, facebook, twitter and our ktvu app. we'll see you back here tonight.
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